Shawli's Fantasy

As you walk in Shawli’s Fantasy art gallery, your visual sensation is saturated with colorful, vivid, ethereal beauties of divergent traits. Shawli intricate the realistic & fantasy side of females, their sweet & sexy coquetry, and their natural talent in art of seducing.  In the details of her artwork, you can feel the outspoken appreciation of female form in the artwork.

Through digital art, we praise the beauty of female.


Shawli Chen


based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Currently living in Taiwan, Shawli is a native-born Taiwanese who grew up in America throughout her teens.  She graduated from the University of Central Florida with Fine Arts degree and begun to express her unique intermix through her passion in art.  'Shawli's Fantasy Art' was created to express Shawli's interpretation of women in this new feminist era. Inspired from "Women's aura of sensuality, beautiful female figures, and exquisite bravery", Shawli praise womanhood in their purest form of beauty; she illustrate women as a beautiful being who not only is real, at the same time loving and strong. "Be proud, be fierce, be beautiful" is the spirit that is embedded to every art piece.  With rich experience in working with many popular game companies and publishers around the world, she now has self-published six art books, won many awards, and actively attends various art events and exhibitions in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, China and in the United States.

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